Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Teeth... Potholes...

The state of our roads, in my opinion directly reflects the state of the nations teeth.
Rotten, ill cared for!
Years of mismanagement by our politicians has resulted in money being spent unwisely.
Today I am off to the dentist.  I often say I could have bought a small terraced house with the money I have spent over the years keeping my teeth in good heart.
Sad to say, teeth are the one thing I notice about people I meet or being interviewed on the television.  I feel sad that for what ever reason the health of their choppers aren’t high on the priority stakes.  Money mostly I suspect?  That and fear!
I watched ‘Hospital’ last night and it filled me with horror.  It should be compulsory viewing for our politicians.  They should hang their heads in shame, mindful of course that their china choppers don’t fall out...
Silly me!  They will have 
beautiful well cared for teeth, in all probability at preferential rates: the balance of which is picked up by the folk who can’t afford to get their own teeth done! 

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