Saturday, 22 February 2020

Six months to...

get here! 

Ellie has at last deigned to sit on the husband’s lap!

As you can see she isn’t 100% sure even now!

Right from the go get we knew she had a problem with men.  For a good few months she wouldn’t come in if he called, she is still at the end of the day very twitchy.  I have to call her in and as we say good night to her she looks past me to him with fear in her eyes.
What the hell has happened to her in her former life doesn’t bear thinking about.  
 Lettice my other rescue collie, I once said I would love in order to help me understand, for her to tell me just what had happened in her first six months of life?  
My then man Simon replied...
You wouldn’t! 
He was so right!

Simon died at home. We three were together.  What a comfort to have Lettice there.  As I moistened his lips and recounted all the wonderful times we had in the woods silent with snow, and the fun times we had shared; he
opened his eyes and let go.  Taking with him I like to think the memories that I had recreated for him to take on his journey into the unknown.  As it was very early in the morning, five-ish, I decided to wait for the district nurse to make her first visit of the day.  I lifted Lettice up to allow her to sniff him, from that moment on she knew he was dead and never looked for him coming home from work.
Some might say it is like telling the bees of a death in the family.  I do know that it was a strange but somehow peaceful and uplifting experience.  Simon was a true Christian and believed he was going on the better things, I hope he was right!

Friday, 21 February 2020

I took off...

my grey felt beret, put it on my right knee and as I sat and waited for my glass of wine to arrive I got to thinking.  It really is a funny thing to walk into a place that is called a pub and sit and talk between yourselves whilst others at other tables do exactly the same?  What is that all about?
Sitting beside the fire, looking at the couples, two lots were doing the day’s crossword in the paper, one couple were just sitting chatting, their dog quietly steaming by the fire.  One was a crusty old batchelor who sat slowly sipping his pint whilst cracking open each page of his broadsheet as he ceremonially worked his way through from news to sport.  Us, well we idly chatted about the days events.  All of us in our different ways happy in their space in what is to all intents and purposes someone’s front room.  The flavour of a Friday night in a pub in Ludlow.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Rainy day thoughts...

Ellie has been sick in the night.
Rough grass is the main constituent.  That obviously begs the question, what exactly is going on in her tum?  She has always been keen to eat grass, although of late has been tempted by the reedy type.  She today seems bright enough in herself although she does chew on sticks and cut back stalks on shrubs.  In the early days she had a penchant for stones.  My fear is she has maybe swallowed something she shouldn’t have done?  We are going next week to the vets for her booster jab so will ask her?  If things don’t improve with the sickness we will be there sooner.
What a worry!

On my wish list now is a small greenhouse.  Convincing the husband is my next task.  He isn’t interested in the garden so the expense I suppose seems like...
questionable?  Even the reminder of how I used to spend hours in my greenhouse in Goudhurst hasn’t as yet worked it’s magic... it will!
Director’s chair, feet up, mug of tea, or glass of wine depending on the time of day, I would sit surveying my pond, my garden, the magnificent view.  Not a lot of pricking out, planting and pruning got done I must admit.
But the peace from his point a view must be taken into consideration... I rest my case!

Scarecrow in my old garden.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

One poorly dog...

Ellie today isn’t feeling very bright!

I need some advice.  Since we had her she has drooled in the back of the car.  Which as you can imagine isn’t nice to see and certainly must be horrid for her.
We went up to Clee Hill, all three of us just love it there.  Today was bitingly cold, blowing a 
hoolie, we couldn’t see a hand in front of our faces, apart from that it was glorious!  On the trip back she drooled big time. On getting home, I decided to strip the back of the car to clean the oceans of drool. I was shocked to see she had been very sick.  
We have tried all the tricks of sitting with her in the car and not actually going anywhere in order to acclimatise her to being in the car, short trips etc., all have proved hopeless!  I am at my wits end to try to make days out more enjoyable for her!  When we get to wherever we are going she has such fun enjoying the freedom.  As soon as we get close to the car the dribbling starts which sort of points towards it being in her head rather than in her tum?  If you have any magic potions, spells or gentle remedy suggestions I would be very grateful.  My email is on my profile.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The downside of...

new reading glasses.
Let me set the scene...
When I was a teenager my mother used to say pluck out those stray hairs between your eyebrows.  Which being a dutiful daughter I did!  

As I’ve aged the hairs that met on my brow giving me the distinct appearance of Frida, have given up the ghost and gone to pastures new.  And here’s the rub they have found their second wind and now seem intent on me having a new career at the circus as the 
Famous Bearded Lady!
Over the intervening years I have dutifully plucked out the odd hair.  These new, and I ought to say first ever reading glasses are a flaming revelation, the ones I’ve missed you just wouldn’t believe!?!  With a magnifying mirror the strength of which if there’s life on another planet you could signal to, I have discovered a shocking fact.  And that is, that job application could be sent any day NOW!  Last night with the husband out at choir practice followed by a pint.  I settled in to a quiet evening just me, the dog, my  mirror, glasses and tweezers.  Well I don’t mind telling you, little was I prepared for the horror that lay in wait.  Hairs of every strength and hue known to man.  Gentle gossamer long wispy ones hiding in the ravages of my jawline.  Evil black, a cactus would be proud to call its own.  Grey with the attitude of hemp rope gracing the deck of a tug boat. Hairs Hitler-like lurking under my nose.
Today I am making an appointment for a facial and hair removal... I might be gone some time.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Spring clean...

After the floods, wind and torrential rain comes... clean.
I have never been known for being house proud, far too lazy for that caper!  The one thing I have always wanted is a fragrant dog.  So many times in the past you stroke a friendly dog and it’s only when you take your hand away you realise you have been impregnated with eau de dawg!
I never want Ellie to be guilty of being a pongy hound.  For this very reason this morning found me horror of horrors, thinking now where did I discard my domestic goddess mantle?  Fancy dress only you understand!  After much searching in dank, dark cupboards I unearthed it and donning it felt strangely evangelical about exercising the clean gene!
The dog was unceremoniously turfed off her by now rather iffy smelling beds.  All covers were put in the washing machine, cushions and the mattresses were hung on the line by the husband.
The plan is to bath Ellie on our return from her big walk and sit and wait for the sweet smelling mutt to emerge like a butterfly out of the chrysalis of crud! 

Can you see her peeping out?

Sunday, 16 February 2020

This is the bottom of...

our road.  

Ludlow has severe flood warnings posted for today.

This house so far as I can see hasn’t been flooded.  The water is certainly in the garden.  Hopefully not into the house?

We are four properties up from here.  I think it is due to peak this afternoon.  Fingers crossed there is no more rain as the hills surrounding us are sodden with all the recent severe weather.

The Green Cafe our Sunday morning coffee stop is sadly under water. From the top opposite where we live you can see the full extent of the flooding with all surrounding fields completely submerged. 

Just read John Gray’s post about how he loves to read about the minutiae of folks life.  So as a consequence I am adding that after coming in from our walk I made a wholemeal lemon drizzle cake, which I haven’t made for ages.  I ought to say it hasn’t come out quite as good as I remembered it and my very own liver biscuit recipe for Ellie.
The cake I am sending up to the boys in Scotland, so I will never know how it compares?  Added to which what with the flooding all around, the cake will be stale by the time it gets there, as Hermes will have a job to get to pick it up from the Co-op.  Oh and I had sardines for lunch, houmous and green salad.  The oil from the sardines were worked into the biscuit recipe. How healthy was that?  I feel so self righteous what with a wholemeal cake made, a meal full of health giving stuff and using the excess oil for the dog.
Ellie is now bullying me to go and inspect the college field which she has no idea is now a water park.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Confession time...

In my past life I am ashamed to say I used to bore the pants off anyone who had the misfortune to cross my path.  I could almost have been called a member of a dodgy cult of shoppers.  I was not to put too fine a point on it a Waitrose girl.  Pure unsullied, never darken the doors of any other emporium sort of lass.
Moving to Ludlow has put a stop to my evangelical retail ramblings.  Our nearest is Hereford and the miles in a car using the earth’s resources to get there goes hugely against the grain.  Added to which why would you want to when Ludlow is a renowned foodie town?  I now buy from local shops butchers, fishmonger and greengrocers.  We have a Local to Ludlow market every fortnight where the most glorious food and produce can be bought.  There is also an Aldi store which is super... gone are the days when I very snifferly poured scorn on their head; never having stepped inside, what did I know?  I hate bigots don’t you and sadly I was one?  I am a reformed character... a convert, not always a good thing because before long I will be preaching the word of 
the book according to St. Theo, patron saint of flaming 

Friday, 14 February 2020

St Valentine’s day on...

Clee Hill.
A romantic picnic is planned.
Wild, woolly and windy romance is in the air and on the wind.
Our hearts will be racing, not sadly with desire but with the effort of getting to the top!
My plan is to shelter in the hollow just by the trig point.
On the menu is wild smoked Alaskan salmon, avocado and cucumber sandwiches washed down with individual flasks of mushroom soup.  Ellie will have an assortment of snacklets, the main being my homemade liver biscuits which she adores.
The bubbles can wait for tonight, it’s as much as I can do to get off the mountain with a clear head. The Cremant de Loire might encourage me to fly!?!

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Can anyone tell me...

why... okay, okay I know you can’t because I have consigned you to the big commentators crypt in the sky... I am aware a crypt is beneath, however use your imagination here...
the rich get given things when they can well afford to pay for them themselves?
Holidays in Mustique spring to mind, Rolex watches on the tanned arms of celebs and minor royals. Fleets of Range Rovers at their beck and call.
‘Phone them up old man, we’re off on a shoot!’ (and want to look the part without actually putting our hands in our pockets type of thing!)
I just don’t get it!

Just had MG on...

the airwaves, well email to be precise.  She informs me that although I have disabled comments, you can still comment, which interestingly enough I don’t see and doesn’t get onto my blog?
How does that work?  If anyone knows can you please email me?
I do love the freedom of putting my thoughts, escapades and weird view of things out there, so a private blog wouldn’t work for me.
Any ideas?

Six months to...

get here!  Ellie has at last deigned to sit on the husband’s lap! As you can see she isn’t 100% sure even now! ...