Saturday, 5 August 2017

Are we making...

the right decision to move?
Last Sunday I floated the idea of living by the coast?  Fully expecting the man to say no!  Strangely he was very receptive to the idea.  As we walked and talked, we spied across the village green a dear friend, an ex army officer, who with two sticks walked at a pace to put a snail to shame.  We fell into step chatting all the way.  The upshot of what he was saying was sadly after all the happy years in the village they were being forced to move by his increasing frailty 

'We should have done it sooner, before it was forced on us!' 

 We looked at each other and thought this exactly echos what we were thinking... do it now before events overtake you.  Robin didn't know how fortuitous his words were.   

His wife checking his 
progress popped out of the hedge looking for all the world like a rabbit bobbing out of Watership Down.  We helped him into the car and off we walked with far more resolution in our step!  

Perhaps now is the time before it is too late... 

Oh the joys of getting old I idly thought!


  1. Although we have lived in France for the past 45 years, we still have a home in Brighton. I recommend coastal life; never a dull moment.

  2. Morning Cro, As I sit in the early morning peace of our tucked away lovely home, the thought of upping sticks is scary. Saturday we viewed houses in St. Leonards, up and coming, although a tad urban with a good sprinkle of drunkenness and drugs. Showing my age here! Deal where my father lived is very much on the up. What a one horse town it was then... not now, and the prices reflect that. Walmer, where we are going back for a second viewing of a beautiful mews house today unfortunately has no off street parking. My problem is, I want an unusual property, which of course presents its own set of problems. Having lived in France for so long you would be amazed at how little house you get for huge sums of money these days.


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