Thursday, 17 August 2017

Don't you just...

love a car boot?
I do!

The crack of dawn mornings,  the shifty early bird who wants to get stuck in with helping you unpack, in the hope you may any second be unveiling a Ming vase.

The rediscovery of forgotten treasures, the memories they invoke of happier/sadder times.

"The shall I, should I,
maybe keep it till next time?"
Knowing all the while it must go.

All is so good for the soul... 

I don't idly wonder...



  1. I have only been a seller once. As I unpacked all the treasure people were literally throwing money at me. I made about £400 in the first half hour, and it was still hardly light. Never again!

    1. Crumbs Cro... what were you selling... the odd Sevres teapot or two, deconstructed Rolex watch and a marble bust of Napoleon?


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