Wednesday, 23 August 2017

This is the...


These are my much loved dinner party bread baskets, they hold sway over the more conventional receptacles. 
I do so love an orange box!
Now the thing is, if I find parting with these little beauties  a wrench, what hope for the more conventional family crockery and 'silver'?

It's all very well reading the bible for living an unencumbered life.  I can certainly talk the talk... now time to walk the walk...


  1. Lovely baskets I wish you had a follow button Best wishes Deb

  2. Hello Deb, I have thought long and hard about doing the usual blogging thing. I didn't want to get caught up with looking at how many followers I have and hits etc. This blog is mainly just my oft times crazy thoughts and feelings about stuff! If people enjoy it then I'm pleased, if like you they feel they want to comment then I'm double chuffed. I will always reply, that I do feel in this funny blogging world is common courtesy. LX

  3. What a surprise to find you back again! I initially found you on Viv's blog. Didn't realize how much I've missed you. I tried to subscribe to your posts but Feedburner says you're "not enabled" - that sounds AWFUL - doesn't it!! I'll keep checking back anyway. All my best from across the Pond.

    1. Wow! My cover has been blown. There was I happy thinking I was operating under the radar... How could you tell it was me?

      Thank you Ruth for your lovely comment. Yes I am 'not enabled' because it somehow lets me float free without fear or favour. My friends and family don't know about my guilty secret. I can then delve into my innermost thoughts and feelings without the need to keep looking for followers, nor yet be afraid, very afraid of inadvertently hurting someone I hold dear.

      In these awful times we live, this little blog brings me simple pleasure. If it makes you smile, frown, or stop and think then I'm happy. Life is too short not to enjoy... LX


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