Sunday, 10 September 2017

Let's talk about...

lavatory seats.
Yesterday we went to France, we play p├ętanque and can now claim to be International players?
After a 5 am start into the charabanc we all piled, excitement was high at the thought of great day of competition, food, wine and fun.  All of which we hugely enjoyed.  The French certainly know how to entertain, they also play a mean game of boules.
We were comprehensively beaten.
We had a lot of ribbing, many kisses and general 
ent ente cordiale.
All good... so far...
My interest was whenever and wherever we nipped to the loo
there was never a lavatory seat?
Why?  I wondered?
Back in the day I worked as a
cook for our Royal Family, not first division, but close.
Apart from the low wages, in one house the loo in the accommodation of the room I had didn't have a lavatory seat.  On top of the long hours and poor pay this I thought said it all!
As you can imagine I wasn't happy as the memory of those days came flooding back!  Not that I was planning on sitting on the loo for long, I was keen to get back to the game, as it were!

Is this the norm in France, surely not?
Maybe someone can explain?

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