Friday, 1 September 2017

"We have been...

talking about our Christmas food:
we have decided not to get the large Christmas tree out of the cellar this year!"

You might wonder why 
on the first day of September my much loved friends are discussing this most unlikely of subjects? 

The words told me all I needed to know...
He is dying. 

I phoned them for a catch-up knowing full well cancer has been a constant in their lives for too many years.
Their dream of a happy and fulfilling new life in France wasn't to be.  The years there have been dogged by his ill health.
I knew by what she said that he was there and the elephant in the room couldn't be mentioned.
Over the years it had always been a standing joke as to their early preparation and excitement of Christmas.  
All I could do was enter into the usual ribbing all along with my heart fit to burst.
She knew I knew...


  1. Replies
    1. It's quite a strange feeling when they know you know, you realize it, but it is not referred to. Just a calm acceptance that you all know.

    2. The thing is... as you might have realised reading my blog I do have a tendency to say it like it is. I surprised myself that I can be diplomatic when the need arises. 'Calm acceptance' is what we all should have, because we are all travelling the same path .

  2. Well done for your diplomacy, I learned it at an early age because I am a nurse. Even so, the older I get, the less I say. Straightforward is the best way to talk though, everyone knows where they stand.

    1. My problem is I do have a tendency to over-egg the pudding, especially if people make the mistake of asking my opinion.


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