Sunday, 21 January 2018

Designer handbags...

I totally do not get!
Why would any woman pay mega amounts of money to hang a dead cow on their arm?  Added to which they are paying all this money to be a walking advertisement for the company who sells them...
This I can live with.
What really gets me hot around the collar is designer dogs.
What is wrong with a proper dog, one that isn’t a fashion statement?  

These ‘dogs of the moment’ are very likely bought at huge cost from puppy farms.  Carefully concealed by a journey to a ‘respectable’ home and supposedly reputable breeder.
Huge amounts of money spent acquiring the ‘must have’ furry accessory, only to find even larger amounts of money are needed to be paid to correct the unscrupulous breeding.  Not to mention the pain and suffering these little dogs have gone through to pander to man’s overblown requirements!
What about all the unloved and cast off dogs that would dearly love a home? If you love dogs why wouldn’t you want to give a needy one a home?

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