Monday, 19 February 2018

The seats were...


As we helped to carry them out to his van.

‘I’ve got a gift for you here!’

Peering into the back I spied the most glorious galleon.

‘For me?’


I think he thought himself a heel for not paying me the extra £10 I had requested.

I didn’t let on I was happier with the ship than the ten pound note.


  1. Hi, I just read some of your posts and a couple of comments where you mention comments not appearing. Blogger has been acting up a bit recently and putting comments in Spam even though they are not Spam and we are all having the problem and having to release them. I recommend you check your comments listed by going to design and post list; you never know, you may have received more comments than you think! Good Luck

  2. Wow! Thank you for that. Interestingly enough your comment was in spam and another comment that I have only just seen. The lady in question looks as if because I didn’t reply to her went and deleted all her past comments. What a shame. I will look there in future, how exciting all this is, very cloak and dagger!


  3. I think that model of the sailing vessel is worth considerably more than £10.00 and to be honest I am very envious, as I would love to own such a piece.

  4. I didn't know what to expect as I nipped round the back of the truck. Imagine my surprise on spying this beauty alone and forlorn. ‘Thank you! I said as with a po face I carefully carried it in. I danced the jig as the van roared away.



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