Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Thought for today...

this encapsulates my feelings exactly.

One of the many joys of ageing.
To diet or not to diet?
I keep a diary, not a dear diary sort of diary, just a snapshot of my day.  Always plumpeous, not a word but you get my drift? The one real constant in my life has been dieting.  Last year I looked back over the diaries of my life and it dawned on me...
my weight has more or less stayed the same.  All these years I have been wasting my time.  There and then dieting was dead and gone.
The shackles were off, I was free of this tyrant in my head.
My step lightened, the brain fog lifted, the corsets were most definitely off!
Reading this you might be tempted to think large chairs, chafing thighs, big knickers and elasticated trousers here we come.
But no, you’d be wrong, it didn’t happen.  The funny thing is when nothing is forbidden, it frees you to eat naturally the things that appeal.  And you know something, the weight has dropped, the scales are sad and forlorn with no purpose in life other than the very occasional outing.  The last time 7lbs lighter, I just couldn’t believe it.  I will never be slim, pale and interesting, not in a million years. I am happy in my own skin and 

‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!’ to coin a phrase.

Happy days!

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