Thursday, 15 March 2018

A snapshot...

of a retired life.
As a ship on the horizon, the size of a small town sails by, I get to thinking about the state of the world?  I don’t mind admitting it worries me.  

A neighbour who we just met yesterday has just carried her twelve week old little Cocker-poo puppy down the steps from the prom.  Even seeing this elderly lady with her companion makes me feel a tad disgruntled.  Don’t people know, or choose not to acknowledge, that by buying these designer dogs, they are feeding the unscrupulous dog breeders to come up with yet more weird and wonderful varieties?  There are so many unloved, unwanted dogs in rescue centres, why not do some good with your pounds and give a proper dog a meaningful life?

A few years ago, while waiting for our flight at Taipei I attracted the attention of a security guard. 
I was lost watching a dog working at the airport not realising I was obviously acting suspiciously by following them!
‘Is there a problem?’ he politely enquired.
I explained I was fascinated following the dog’s obvious enjoyment of his work.  He proudly went on to explain that the city 
had a policy of retraining stray dogs to fulfill a meaningful working life.  
‘They have been trained to sniff out fruit and food, I have some apple here, I can call them over and demonstrate!’

And don’t even get me going about the world and the men and women who hold sway.

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