Monday, 12 March 2018

I was like...

a kid in a sweet shop.
Today for the first time I have had to choose some glasses.
All these years my sight has been excellent.  I have one long sighted eye and one short and until now they have worked companionably in unison, with never a cross word.  Recently I have found I can’t see to read as well as I always had.  With much gentle persuasion from the man I went for a checkup.
From the outside the ophthalmic howsyourfather looked a tad uninviting to a self confessed style icon as I pride myself on being!?!
Stepping inside I was met by a woman who was just a cobnut nuttier than me, suddenly I started to relax and... I didn’t say this...
enjoy myself!
Going back to choose my new specs was a joy.  I was given the complete freedom to try every pair  on in the shop while she got on 
with testing folks eyes and general boring optical work that these folk have to do in order to earn a crust.
In the end I choose a short list of four pairs and between us we whittled it down.  She was definitely on my wavelength.


  1. I have worn simple reading glasses since I was about 50, but recently my left eye has become short sighted, and my right eye has remained long sighted. So.....more specs to accommodate that. I have to use them for driving and TV, and it bugs me!! Cataract coming in left eye that probably accounts for the change..something to look forward to! Good luck with the spectacles.( I buy mine online......they are probably not perfect, but cost £30 against £300 at the opticians. )

    1. All the years I have had regular eye tests the optician would say, let me have your glasses and my reply of I don’t have any often caused a raised eyebrow. They then proceeded to test them and until last year I scuttled out with their agreement that I didn’t need them! Last year I was prescribed reading glasses and like you I ordered a funky pair on- line, they were awful and I never wore them. With the mererest sensation of a cataract and me realising reading was becoming a problem I was advised to have a yearly check, hence me now getting a pukka pair! Driving and long sight my eyes are still working in harmony, thankfully!



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