Thursday, 8 March 2018

Walking on the...

spot against the wind.
I chuntered grumpily along the prom.
‘Get more exercise!’ he said.
What like walking against 40 plus mile an hour wind you mean, I thought as I battled home!
Another skirmish at the doctors.
New patient checkup:
Round Two...
The last time being kept waiting for nearly an hour, is it any wonder my blood pressure was off the scale?  
‘Bring your own B.P. monitor when you come for the blood test, then we can compare the two!’
In my opinion the very idea of constantly taking your b.p. when  you have high blood pressure is a hare-brain idea.  It is like asking a smoker to chart their lung function or an alcoholic to use a hydrometer in their urine or some such...
bloody crazy!
Today I was back armed with the readings together with the ruddy 
Fasting blood test taken, onto the the dreaded blood pressure check.
Looking at all the fairly good ones taken at home the nurse said
‘I would like you to see the doctor, as your readings are still on the high side!’
An appointment was made for me to return to see the doctor in 50 minutes time.  I scuttled out ready for my first cup of tea of the day.  After my free tea and a little light shopping in Waitrose back in I strolled.
 My bum hadn’t hit the seat before I was called over by the 
receptionist to say the doctor was running a good 30 minutes late could I come back?  Off out I go again to this time trawl the charity shops for yet more books, my secret addiction.
Thirty minutes later I returned: sitting reading my book, trying to concentrate with the wall of sound that seems to be the norm in a busy small town surgery, I idly wished I hadn’t left the sleepy village practice I had over the fourteen years taken for granted.
 The doctor said, 
‘I am giving you another tablet as I am not happy with your blood pressure!’
‘Hold tight, I want less tablets not more!’
Reluctantly he bowed to my views.
So much for a new patient medical I thought as I skiddaddled out of the door!


  1. I know a bit about what you are talking about - as a patient.
    For my doc some how always raises my BP... I think it is because she is
    a much younger and ... !

  2. If only! George Clooney eat your heart out, my doctor was the equivalent of an Indian Stan Laurel (thin one?), he didn’t even notice I was sat there with a socking great wodge of cotton wool clapped on my arm. His surprise when I said yes I’d already just had a blood test was priceless... ‘Oh?’ He did take my pulse though, which by then was hardly having the energy to beat...


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