Saturday, 7 April 2018

As camp as...

We now have the official colour 
required for the outside of our row of seaside homes.
Brewers Building Merchants answer to that most boring of shades magnolia!
It wouldn’t be so bad if they were all painted together en masse.  As it is the various ages of paint makes for a strange mismatch of 
insipid battery hen yolk yellow. A jaunty gay yellow I could cope with, this cruddy cream is beyond the pale, if you get my drift?
We are the new kids on the block and already I feel my bolshie gene  
flexing its muscle.
Why, oh why can’t I just settle like the sediment in an old bottle of port and do something appropriate to my advancing years.
Take up tatting, wear Crimplene,
buy slippers with buttons and pom-poms, corsets and big knickers. Instead I’m dusting off my megaphone, idly making a banner or two and generally limbering up for  
a tussle.
All hope is not lost on the ageing front though.  I did buy two bolsters the other day, if they are not an old ladies article of desire, I don’t know what is...?


  1. Are you required to paint it a certain colour then? I am in agreement with big knickers and bolsters.
    I went to the exhibition in Rye the other day.

    1. I have a horrible feeling that it is a blanket council requirement? On a walk to Folkestone and back yesterday most sea front houses seemed to be the same strange hue! I will be on to the council tomorrow morning, I do love a mission!



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