Saturday, 21 April 2018

Disgruntled from...

Hythe calling...
Some might say a spoilt lump and they would be absolutely blooming right!
Have you ever tried parking your not inconsiderable derrière on a postage stamp?  It isn’t easy, take it from me.  These last few days have been superb weather-wise and sitting looking out on a sparkling sea has many advantages.
You know something?  I had a pain in my heart for my lovely left behind wild garden with the frog filled pond, the ancient hedge and the magnolia tree where we sat always in its shade.  It hurt so much, sounds melodramatic but that is how I felt.

‘What have we done?’ every fibre cried out.
I sat yesterday watching folk climb out of cars having driven miles to see exactly what I see now sitting up in bed tapping this out.  Even that thought didn’t 
ease the hurt inside.

Our life now is so totally different, we have been made so welcome by all we meet, so many lovely people live here.  Our fitness improves by the day.  Our cars sit forlorn and unloved with only the odd mercy mission to call them out of retirement.  One of them will be going, that is the plan, which one?  His Nissan Micra or my Brabus Smart... no flaming contest, in my Glasses guide!
So there you have it!  I am tempted not to post this, however I will because it hopefully will do me good on rereading it down the line when I have finally settled and can truly see the many 
benefits of life by the sea.

This morning in Hythe, breakfast on the beach... what better?

Feel free to have a pop, because  I think you have every right...


  1. I always fancied living by the sea but then realised that seaside houses rarely have big gardens or meadows or woodland!

    1. Too right they don’t. Tree? Now just remind me what that is?



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