Sunday, 1 April 2018

Funny folk these fishermen...

Some might say strange beings that sit and watch them?  I think we’d both be right. Cosily tucked up in bed I am spying on a grandfather and his grandson getting kitted up for a day on the beach.  It is at least dry, dreary looking but dry.
The tackle is being handed over the wall, warm clothes and waterproof leggings are being donned.  Just how they can move looking for all the world like angling’s answer to the Michelin man is anyone’s guess?
They pitch close by a man who on opening the curtains yesterday was  sitting out there.  His black tent has moved across the beach like a hermit crab.  Going to bed last night all you could see was the lights on the top of his various fishing rods.  And still he sits!
What better way to spend an Easter weekend, by the sea, in the fresh air with the off chance of catching a fish?
Just lying off the beach is HMV Patricia, the Trinity lighthouse vessel which maintain the lighthouses and bouys along the coast of the UK.

Not a good picture, however this vessel is as close as they get to us.
The year before last we were passengers on the Patricia and what a trip that was!  So to see her this close and at night lit up is a timely reminder of a wonderful, not your normal cruise, cruise.  Life on a working vessel, with the luxury of a mini Royal yacht. 

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