Monday, 9 April 2018

She could so...

easily be my mum!
She is so very poorly and so independent: difficult to help. 
She lives alone and still drives, although that of late is getting less. I can see her fading with her dignity very much intact.  I worry, that is what you do when tasked with helping without overstepping the mark between interest into interference!  The force that is Lett meets the force that has so much more intelligence and cantankerousness than this little shrinking violet!?!

I adopted her as my much missed mum who died weeks after I had my only child.  My mother was 48, my new mum is now 93, a year younger than mine had she lived.
I love her and have promised her I will be there for her at the end. I will ensure as far is humanly possible that I will not let anyone take her to hospital against her wishes.

Leaving her body to medical science, on one occasion she was saying about keeping her weight down.  Which on questioning as to why, she replied I need to in case I get too fat and they won’t want my body.  She wondered why I nearly fell off the chair laughing?  

‘I’ve heard of slimming for life and living but never for death and dying!’

We did laugh!

What a wonderful woman? I am proud to know her and call her a friend.  My lovely new mum! We talk freely about death as I honestly think we all should.  Why is it such a taboo subject, when all is said and done it is the most natural of occurrences? 

Off to see her today...
fingers crossed.

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