Tuesday, 8 May 2018

I am a tart...

not a bakewell, nor yet a jam tart, but a retail tart... the worst possible kind.
In a past life, like last year, I would often bore for Britain about the deep and passionate love I had for a certain Mr Waitrose.  Folk that had the misfortune to cross my path would be stymied by my all consuming love for this most ethical of consumer emporiums.
On one balmy summer day enjoying a  leisurely luncheon outside in my much missed leafy garden.  
Brace yourself here because I am about to name drop, fully expecting you to be impressed at me being on the dizzy heights of the third rung up on the village social ladder.  Anyway I digress, the luncheon was going well until a barrister and a head teacher got into deep and meaningful conversation about Aldi.  On and on they went, comparing prices, prattling on about how their products and more importantly 
their wine featured highly in the press Best Of Lists.  In the end I said in my best estuary twang

‘For God’s sake put a sock in it!

I then proceeded to level the score by cracking on about my views on my favourite store.

Well fast forward to now and I am now darkening the door of a certain store in Hythe which is growing in my esteem and yes you’ve guessed it 


  1. We mainly shopped at Waitrose so that we could sit with out free coffee after walking round. Sadly they are putting and end to this lovely indulgence and so I think they will be seeing less of us. I love Lidl also but cannot stand Asda and Tesco.

  2. I have never been to an Aldi....our nearest is about 5 miles away and my favourite, Waitrose, is only 3 mins down the road. I feel very at home there, as I have shopped with them for nearly 30 yrs since they opened and I know lots of the staff, who are all lovely. You are the second person in a few days talking up Aldi, so I might have to make the effort to go and see what it is all about, but it would never be a regular shopping trip! Cooler here this morning, thank goodness. I might even be able to do a bit of gardening today! ( after I have been to Waitrose!!)

    1. I was just like you until I moved to Hythe, now we have Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Waitrose all within walking distance. So I do tend to shop in them all. Aldi is certainly worth a look, you do have to be selective in what you buy though.



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