Sunday, 13 May 2018

I had a day at...

the seaside yesterday.
We went to Folkestone!
The man went to sing in the Choir for Health.  As we needed paint, I   raked around the town while himself was singing his socks off.
Now, nobody, but nobody would ever level the word corrigible at my door.  In fact, come to think of it have you ever heard that word in conversation, or come to that written?  No neither have I!
Now incorrigible, yes, me always, sadly.  I have previous as he so often says.  To give you an example I once bought a marvellous sack barrow, like Orient Express platform, magifico, when all I was looking for on ebay was a metre or two of hessian.  Think about it, there is a slight connection, albeit tenuous.
However, wandering down the
arty-farty quarter I spied a shop that until now has always been closed.  In the window was a wonderful piece of neon art.  In I trundled to enquire as to the price... a shedload of pound notes in case you are wondering.  As we chatted the price fell by £500.
I took her card, knowing all the while past purchases of mine would pale into insignificance.

Now about this dog?

This isn’t it.


  1. I love neon signs...always too expensive for me though!..Sounds daft but when i see them I always think about Petula Clark song Downtown.Your maybe to young to remember that!!.Kents a lovely place to live and I was in Folkestone myself for a short break last year.I worked and lived in Ramsgate,when i was a teenager...many moons ago,lol.xx

    1. #When you’re alone and life is making lonely, you can always go...#

      Yes, far, far too young!?!

      Neon is far too expensive for most, me unfortunately, included.



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