Monday, 21 May 2018

I need HELP...

like seriously!

We have just returned from a taxing day, taking A to the hospital for an important procedure.
Can someone tell me why is it that folk who do the most, get thought of the least?  How does that work?  You always hear the daughter who is always there for her mum gets left out of the will, while the favourite one, mother never sees is adored from afar?
I am an only child and I have written about my admiration for A who I have adopted as my mum due to her being born about the same time as my mother.  Trouble 
is, whatever I say she disagrees with.  Not having had a parent to fall out with for years, is this how the relationship is between child and parents?

When we got to the hospital we were directed to the department and every step of the way A said 
we were going wrong.  She is weak 
and I knew what she was suggesting would have put more miles on the clock.  She wouldn’t let me get a wheelchair.  Nothing I say is right!  I do find it very  wearing.  She was obviously feeling worried about the forthcoming procedure and was having a go at me.  I realised that, and made excuses for her in my head which by this time was fit to burst.  All was well, although  still no definitive answer as to her ongoing medical condition.  She is looking increasingly frail and when I mention it she 
replied that she had put on weight!  It isn’t cancer, that we do know.  

Getting her back home she asked 
about us sorting out her phone, which we happily did.  However as I was explaining how to get it on loudspeaker she wasn’t having any 
of it!
  Himself, she thinks the sun shines out of his every orifice! He is prompted by me to do the things he does to help her and freely admits it.

 I chunter on as we drive home, 
 he gets  upset that I’m upset, my blood pressure rises.  All together not a very happy day.  When we get in I see I have lots of comments on my blog, that in itself is rare and bugger, it is from some stupid spam thing, which I then have to delete each and every one... is it any wonder I am doing three laps of the ceiling?


  1. I would find it very wearing too and I'd be inclined to have a face to face talk about it. It sounds like you're being viewed as a child still. Not great!

    1. Had a long chat with my lovely stepdaughter, her mother died last year. She put so much in perspective about the end of life grumbling and suddenly now I get it. I am so happy I thought to get her take on what was a stressful day. A. today needless to say, sounds as bright as a button thankfully.


  2. Oh, dear. This all sounds so familiar. I was in a similar position with my aunt, a few years ago. I ran around like a blue-bottle fly, driving miles there and back, doing everything that needed to be done, and I was treated worse than a hired hand. All the other (male) members of my family, who will admit that they did nothing, were treated sweetly and praised to the heavens. It isn't really meant to be hurtful - just like that old song "You always hurt the one you love, the one you shouldn't hurt at all..." She needs you.

    1. I do have previous as the man would say about taking people under my wing. I have always been like this and don’t suppose I will change now, nor want to! It is not always easy though. Is it a woman thing? Probably!



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