Sunday, 6 May 2018

Just in from...

an early stroll along the beach before the warm day brings out the crowds.
A glorious start to the day in a lovely location.
A lazy bank holiday weekend amidst the building site we call home.
The progress so far...

The wall will have a large window
to allow us to sit at the table in the kitchen and see the sea.  That area has been made from losing part of the long going nowhere 
hall. My pantry will give me joy, filling it with pickles and preserves.

As you can see there is a particularly virulent species of wood worm in these parts! 

The plan is to play pétanque at the local cricket club, yes, I know they do things differently here in Hythe?  Then after a seriously fought few matches we will retire to the pub to refresh our well honed match fit bod’s?  There’s a mad, fun crowd that get in there on Sunday.
The man is then tasked with repairing a magazine rack we bought yesterday at the old toot emporium.  

As we pulled up outside he said 
‘This looks financially dangerous!’

He knows me so well.

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