Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The funny thing...

is when you get a glimpse of other people’s perception of you.
Last night I thought maybe this is how we are seen.
We watched a programme on the Ambulance service.  One woman had terminal cancer, the doctor had called an ambulance as he suspected she had sepsis.  Both her and her husband were treated by the ambulance paramedic with the utmost care and respect, she  was a shining example of the profession.  She phoned in ensuring that her patient wouldn’t be left in a corridor susceptible   to germs due to the chemotherapy.  As they waited in the ambulance he showed her a photograph of his wife on their wedding day, he clearly loved her to bits.
She was admitted into a side room and spent six days in hospital being treated for sepsis.
At the end of the programme, the update was she had returned home, decided against more chemotherapy 
and had died six days later.
The photo was shown of her on her wedding day, beautiful, happy, full of promise and looking forward to her future life.

They were old, I thought?  No! Very similar in age to us.
Our wedding photo, ten years ago this year.  We were married on the London Eye.

Where does the time go?
Old in the blink of an eye.

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