Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The kindness of...

Yesterday morning early dressed in nightie and kimono I was happily watering my pots on the terrace.  Alright a chum on their terrace in Boulogne with a strong telescope could just about make out the vision that is me early in the day!  When from out of nowhere a car pulled up, on our side of the road right beside me pottering.  Adjusting my robe to cover my assets I said 

‘Are you lost?’

‘No, I’ve come to give you this!’

Slowly the penny dropped, well it was early in the morning and I was seriously discombobulated to be still in a state of undress.

‘Oh hello, it’s Ian isn’t it?’

The guy that had delivered the oak frames had said how lovely to live this close to the sea and what an 
ideal spot to fish from.
Agreeing I replied I had every intention of doing just that.

‘I will find you some gear to get you started and next time I am here fishing,show you how!’ 

That was Wednesday and there we were five days later with me equipped with the full kit and caboodle to be a 
bone fide angler.
He wouldn’t take a penny for any of it and said that he was happy to share the joy of fishing.


  1. Good luck with the fishing .......mackerel for supper?

    1. Most definitely, although I hear mackerel don’t take a lot of skill to catch?


  2. Replies
    1. What a lovely gesture... that’s Hythe folk for you.


  3. So how many fish did you not catch and was the one that you threw back too big for the pan ?

    1. Oh dear me no Heron, we haven’t got that far yet... surely you know more about fishing than me?



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