Sunday, 29 July 2018

As we sat over our...

breakfast we got to talking about past home secretaries.  Doesn’t everyone?

‘Pass me the home made brain fade marmalade darling!’
We got to talking politics, which we don’t do in company.  In the comfort of home, we have a gentle chunter about the state of the world.

‘More home made filled with enough seeds to sow a row 100% organic bread toasted dahling?’
In case you haven’t guessed that was me!
‘Who was that man, we both read his autobiography?’

Oh dear! Puzzled our eyes locked across the table, frowns carving their wicked ways across our brows.

‘I’m sure his first name was 

This usually is the first chink into getting it.  This time we struggled.

‘Don’t look it up, it will be good exercise for our brains to stretch!’  

We flopped in our swanky German recliner chairs, no geriatric paraphanalia here!  Our tummies working overtime to digest seeds
and the contents of one turn of a huge quern stone.  Our brains pulsing with the open cast mining of information.  Idly Looking to see if anyone other than travelzoo, John Lewis, habitat and    Ironmongery Direct had sent me a missive.  It hit me square between the eyes


I said jumping up in excitement, that bit was a fib.  I don’t do 
jumping, well to be honest that is also a lie because I do on the very rare occasion in yoga, jump to open my legs to do Warrior 2, only if I feel that way out, mind!


  1. You've totally lost me … Yes, Alan Johnson, but what's all that go to do with Lady Docker (and I'm old enough to remember her … well, just!) .. you have totally lost me … and then yoga, which I've never done (well I tried it once, or rather it tried me and I was found wanting …)
    Margaret P

  2. Oh dear Margaret! I am sorry I have caused you to lose the plot re. my waffling. This was exactly what happened over brekkie this morning. I have been called Lady Docker on more than one occasion. I have taken that bit out, I would hate to cause distress to her family and bafflement to you! Yoga... give it another go, I really enjoy it and I would love to say I have the body of a 30 year old as a consequence... that would be a WHOPPER!


  3. Oh, you shouldn't have taken Norah Docker out, bless! I know what you mean now …
    As for yoga, in my advanced years I can hardly move my neck let alone sit in the Lotus position. I would just be asking for trouble.
    Margaret P

  4. Norah to her friends, is it?


  5. She was a crafty minx, Norah. A bit like Fanny Craddock in some ways, louder than life! No personal experience, just reading up on them, ha ha!
    Margaret P


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