Thursday, 5 July 2018


is unfortunately how I feel today.
Noise pollution is the cause.
I am a carefree, cheerful soul who always looks on the bright side.... at best a daft tart at worst who knows?  Today started off with me feeling crotchety as I strode off with stripey trolley for builders provisions.  Now I’ve talked about this need I have to feed folk, not content with digestives and hobnobs... oh dear me no, I have to give them two courses.  Today roasted vegetables, spicy cous cous, watercress, St Agur cheese, mackerel pate and peppered salami.
Followed by bread and butter pudding topped with molten apricot jam and demerara sugar.  All homemade!  In my past life I used to be a cook, so it’s what I do!
Anyway back to this noise thing, I trolled along feeling cross that my right knee was giving me more than a little twinge and even crosserer alright not a proper
 word but it sums up my disgruntled  feelings about what a clot I had been on the scooter the morning before!
‘Why can’t you be like other old dears and start acting your age!’

I passed a woman of similar age talking on the frigging phone.

‘Can’t she just enjoy a walk on a beautiful day without the need to yack?’ was my next thought.

The call ended and then she made another and another.  If my knee had been okay I would have steamed off leaving her polluting the peaceful morning with sound.  Unfortunately her pace was similar to mine so she stayed on my heels the whole of Ladies’ Walk.
I went to Waitrose, then to Aldi and returned home to a wall of sound with banging and general 
chatting.  The tiler was still here, a well known talker and our
 builder who was keen to finish this phase of the job banging for Britain.
We sat around the newly installed,  back in position kitchen table and enjoyed a leisurely lunch... well that is until hubs gets up and starts loading the dish washer, between courses!  I nearly went into orbit, outwardly calm I gently suggested he waited until we had finished, all the while wanting to do something unmentionable to his honeymoon bits, like a gentle kick!?!

Is it the weather, I idly wonder?
We do have our home back for a while as our wonderful builder is off to Hull.  The house is looking brilliant, just a pity it is the residence of such a grumpy old woman! 


  1. "what a clot I had been"

    A clot! LOL
    Never heard that one before.
    Or "banging for Britain."

    Unnecessary noise gets on my nerves too.


    1. Some might say I have a way with words, not always a good way! Like the famous sketch with Morcambe and Wise when Andre Previn is listening to Eric play the piano. His famous reply.. they are all the right notes just not necessarily in the right order! That is my way: my thoughts spill out and if you get the gist then I’m happy. I’ve let them go and like the bliss of a lanced boil the pressure is off... well, until the next eruption!?!


  2. Bread and butter pudding with molten apricot jam? You wicked wicked temptress. What time is lunch?

    May you be fully restored to daft tarthood and enjoying your lovely home, in peace.xx

    1. It’s my MO... like the Pied Piper I snare folk with my pipe of culinary charms. Sadly it’s all I have to offer these days!



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