Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The plans are...

in place.  At all times we are within hailing distance of a phone.  Yesterday we three went out to lunch after a free and frank discussion about our duties as executors with lasting power of attorney.
She said...

‘I don’t care!’

I said...

‘All well and good for you to say that, however your friends will want you to have a funeral!’

If A. gets her way the teaching hospital after they have allowed their students to get up close and personal with her bits, will do the deed.  If not, then her earthly remains she wants disposed of without fuss.
Yesterday she was bright, had a good lunch and her tummy was on its best behaviour.  The tennis 
and football will keep her mind 
off things this week.
  Her thirst for life is unquenchable.  She is failing we both agree.
Each morning I facetime her.  This morning she spoke of her tum, the number of times she has to get up in the night and this morning before getting out of bed her feeling very breathless.  By the time we spoke she was feeling a lot better.  It is a worry!
Putting her out of my mind I got on with pottering in the garden.
The iPad gurgled, I rushed in to the missed call, thinking the worst.  When I called back she was calling to show me her new haircut, and the purple streak that the hairdresser had put in the front of her hair.  I had completely forgotten I had given her the powder when she mentioned doing something with her hair!
She was bright and happy with her new look.  I was over the moon, 
although I do idly wonder if the worry will take me off before her!?!

   A. in better days... 
94 in September!


  1. I know what you mean! My dad is not in the best of health and has numerous things we can worry about and my mum (both in their 80's) recently found out she has two aneurysms in her brain (she had a test for a stroke which turned out to be a migraine which showed she had the aneurysms!) My parents and brother are the only people who phone my landline now and often they've phoned to tell me dads off to hospital or last week, mum had fallen and badly cut her arm and needed taking to a&e. I brace myeself now every time the landline rings. Its a worry indeed. x

  2. A. at least uses facetime which let’s me see how she is. What are they proposing to do about the aneurysms? Anything or just leave them? A&E is the next stop for us if things don’t improve, suggested by the consultant, although she is fearful of having an accident there! What a nightmare this getting old is?


    1. The doctor said if she was younger they might operate but they reckon she's got a good chance of outliving the aneurysm. How they know that I do not know. But I have to say, I don't think I'd be happy for them to operate on her brain, its very risky and I know its a very selfish thing to say, but I don't know what my dad would do without her, even for a short stay in hospital! He's registered blind and has mobility issues and has been spoiled rotten by my mum! None of us could cope with him!! Getting old is no fun, and when I say to my neighbour who is 92, but its better than the alternative, she gives me a look and says, not always :( Good luck x

    2. A worry all round. I don’t think I will get old!?!



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