Sunday, 2 December 2018


I seem to have hit a snag answering the comments.
Google keeps asking me to sign in and then won’t let me comment.
The funny thing is I can do this?
Any ideas?  Is it me or the power that these giants wield?
This is what makes me feel really crabby with our reliance on the infernal contraptions!


  1. Do you mean answering comments on this blog? If so, sign in and go to:
    Posts, comments and sharing

    Scroll down to comments location (under comments)and click on embedded. You will then be able to comment to this comment, hopefully! :)

    1. Thank you for that Simone, as if by magic I think I now know why there was a problem. My ipad was low on juice, now I have plugged it in, now is looking kindly on my pathetic efforts.


  2. I find things like this hard to sort out, too, you are not alone! I've just figured out how to return a faulty item to Amazon, something still under guarantee. Things like that 'stress me out' as the saying goes. In English, 'truly annoy' me.
    Margaret P

  3. I have a problem commenting (i.e. it's impossible) on a blog I've read and commented on for years. After some time, I can now READ comments left by others. When I try to add one, I'm asked to sign in via gmail. When I do so and try to type something into the comment box, I'm taken to another useless page. It's enough to make me grind my teeth, and my blogging friend doesn't know how to fix it. Damn Blogspot, I say! -Kate


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