Sunday, 6 January 2019

Each year end I...

go to the back of my new diary and enter where I went wrong on the Christmas  preparations.
Year after year I do this making it into an old Spanish custom, of a british kind!
This year’s entry is as follows... ‘Pay attention - in my 2017 diary I said ‘No more Amaryllis!’  
Did I listen in 2017 and 2018?
No!  Maybe this year?’
I’ve even signed the blooming thing, will this make one jot of difference?  I doubt it.
I then go on with where I went wrong food-wise.  The one word I write, hardly managing to grasp the pencil as my arteries quietly clog with cholesterol... 

To myself just that one word will have exactly the same effect all the other entries over the years have had...
Do you have any funny little peculiarities, or is it only me?


  1. We were given an amaryllis, the blowsy barmaids of the horticultural world. I have had to grow the creature, and it will loom large for a few weeks and then I will be able to discard it. Amaryllis (I presume they are plural as well as singular, as in sheep?) are the go-to bulbs to give as presents, aren't they? YOu could be forgiven if you were given one. Buying one for oneself - well, that brings sanity into question, ha ha!
    Margaret P

    1. Margaret, I buy them as cut flowers. I have ‘previous’ hubs says! On one occasion I bought a box full (no half measures for me!?!) in York, so much cheaper there, don’t you know? Only trouble was on getting them home safely, I dropped the box and broke every cotton-picking head off the darn things and still I didn’t learn! Even buying the solitary one this year (how the mighty have fallen?) I very nearly took the head off it by getting it caught in the shop door. Next year just pussy willow eucalyptus... promise!?!


  2. I used to do lists like that, you've reminded me to do the same again. First one will be " 13 people is too many!"

    1. Only if you stick to them Sue. I totally agree 13 is too many, by next year you will have forgotten and off we go again. Even the reminder may not work it’s magic, it never has with me, although maybe this year...



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