Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The ‘If only!’ of...

my life has gone, or at the very least taken a back seat in the charabanc of my journey.
I’ve been extremely lucky to have had a rich and fulfilling time.
The good, the bad and ugly.  Taking all things into account... a charmed life.  Everything that has happened I have made the very best of.  Death, divorce, all the facets of human existence.  At every stage I have managed to see the good and with a cavalier attitude I have determined to turn it to my advantage.  I am fully aware not everyone has this ability.  My motto at every turn,
I’m not here for long, so best I enjoy every moment!
And I have: not always easy though?
Why am I telling you this? 
Today in the paper, I’ve read an article on meditation and I freely admit over the years I have given the wild, the wacky, the sensible and serious a good seeing to.
Without a qualm, giving them up as
 I got bored, as I often did!

Getting older, I found myself living too much in the past, replaying things that had happened, mainly where I went wrong... this move to Hythe for example.  The stress was getting to me, my BP was out of control.
A suspected TIA was where I finally took stock.  The weekend wine bit the dust, my love affair with cheese had to end.  Walking and getting fitter was on the agenda.  My head still whirred with worry and this eternal 
looking back.  Meditation rode to the rescue, and you know something it has worked.  It is now so much a part of my day that I honestly can’t see it being otherwise.  Whenever I start the merest whisper of ‘if only’ I say to myself... 
‘ I am! Nothing can overwhelm you!’
Wacky, I know... it WORKS! 


  1. I was in need of finding something similar. I had a very stressful weekend - a whole lot of worrying stuff is happening around me just now and I found myself nursing chest pains for the evening and of course worrying I was going to have a heart attack. I am a talker. I need to talk things out so I phoned my youngest son in Australia (it was the middle of the night here) for advice as he is the worlds greatest positive thinker. He helped and I went out and bought myself the book 'The Secret' and what a wonderful revelation that has been for me. We all seem to find our magic when we need it don't we. Keep up the good work. xx

    1. I am so sorry to hear things are getting to you. It is so easy for things to get out of proportion and night time takes the fear and magnifies it. What a super son you have and available at the end of a phone in the middle of the night. Almost worth having him on the opposite side of the world!?! The Secret was his suggestion? So pleased that it hit the spot for you Marksgran, you certainly found the magic, keep up the good work lassie.


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    1. As good a recipe as I’m ever likely to follow.



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