Tuesday, 1 January 2019

We survived...

A couple of months ago some p├ętanque playing friends of ours were here for lunch.

‘What are you doing for new year?’

‘Nothing, we never do!’

That was where we went wrong.  If we had only thought we could so deftly have come up with a stonking fib along the lines of 

‘Actually we are planning a 
Dr. Barbara Moore walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End departing 
on the 31st!’

Well to cut a long story short they invited themselves for us all to have a braii on the beach.
Our mouths opened and closed all the while resembling a codling landed on the shore.

And so it was.

After checking into their hotel along the road they arrived at four, yes, 4 pm.  Mob-handed with barbecues, bangers, beer and bonhomie.

At 7.30 pm I feebly enquired as to how long until midnight?
‘Four and half hours!’ came the cheery reply, them all settling in for a full-on party.
Throughout the evening my enquiries became more feeble, 
their enjoyment of my sobriety in 
the midst of them downing beer,
 red/white wine, champagne, gin. 

We counted the hours down, with me reluctantly beginning to enjoy myself, much against my sober self looking on in sniffy self righteousness.
Midnight came and went with the flutes and fireworks, by this time the clock had ceased to play such importance in my psyche.
2.15 am they rambled off along the prom.

Thank goodness that’s over I thought as we climbed into bed.

10 am, back they came for coffee,
 laughing all the while as I said to Hubs we really must conveniently forget to let them have a forwarding address.

And to think they thought I was joking...


  1. You survived, and the no forwarding address note is pasted to your eyeballs. Happy new year to you.

    1. Too right it is Joanne, they honestly thought I was joking?

      Have a happy new year.


  2. Happy New Year!
    That was a marathon stint, well done for hanging on in there. I would have quietly disappeared and gone to bed - way before midnight!

    1. You too Elaine, it has been great knowing you via blogging and long may it continue.

      I must confess it did cross my mind about skiddaddling off to bed. The awful thing was, slowly I did start to enjoy myself, especially as we all took turns in being the butt of the jokes.


  3. Screamed with laughter! Happy New Year to you! Keep the wonderful posts coming, loved this!
    Margaret P

    1. So pleased I made you laugh Margaret, unfortunately I am well known for my wacky take on things. Trouble is chums don’t really know whether I mean it or not? Come to think of it neither do I!


  4. I hope they don't read your blog lol. I'm actually in the middle of a family party as I type and I've escaped to my room with the laptop to have some time out. I've already asked when we can go home and hubby said, we are home!! Help get me out of here!! Happy New Year- bah humbug! x

    1. That made me laugh... your plaintive ‘When can we go home?’

      The thing is, to me the idea of a party I absolutely love: the planning, the shopping, the cooking, the scene setting. That awful no-man’s land, when everything is done and you sit and wait for the first arrival. Then I think, ‘Why did this seem like a cunning plan?’ They all turn up and only go and spoil it, at which point I vow never again!

      Happy new year to you fellow bah humbugger.



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