Saturday, 26 January 2019

Whatever happened...

Politicians who fall on their swords if they are shown to have broken the law
Trifle in a box with cakes as hard as oak
Paper bags
The polar ice cap
Walnut Whips
Comedy without fear of who you offend
Television programmes without bad language 
Politicians able to answer a question honestly
Uncrowded trains arriving on time
Shop assistants who can work out your change without the aid of a till
Gobstoppers that actually would stop your gob
Tunis cake at Christmas
Five boys chocolate bars
Rag and bone men
Honest bankers
Curly Wurleys
Policemen on the beat
Matrons with starched white 
head dresses
Old men not in trainers
Shell suits
Bubble cars
Vesta curries
Liberty bodices
Panty girdles
Latex roll-ons
String vests
Sock suspenders
Giving an honest answer to
‘Does my bum look big in this?’
I could go on...


  1. Clearly living in the quiet places of the land you have missed the ambulances! We live in suburbia and near a road that is frequently used by police and ambulances (noisy when they zoom past). Also, curly wurlies are still available, when I ventured to weight watchers quite a few years ago I was advised by the leader that if I absolutely must eat chocolate, the way to go was a curly wurly as it takes ages to eat and because of the holes has less calories! My gast was flabered let me tell you! I still kid myself on that is the case! I don't think we're allowed to have tupperware anymore, its plastic don't you know and we're not allowed that anymore, I think it might be because of all the missing lids, they have all made their way to an ocean apparently. x

    1. I will look out for them next time I’m wandering along the beach!


  2. I don't know, but if you come across them show them the way home, please.

    1. If I find one I will be sure to send it!


  3. What is Tunis cake ? I have never heard of it! I have had an aspidistra for many years though it is looking a bit sad at the moment. I think it might need repotting.

    1. Many moons ago I knew a man, (like you do?) who every year insisted on a Tunis cake. Made by I think Macvities, maybe wrong there: a madeira cake, dry as stuff, topped with a thick chocolate topping which over the years got thinner and the whole shebang was decorated with lurid pink and yellow buttercream icing and marzipan fruits. Like the dodo they bit the dust...


  4. The bubble cars all ended up in the Bubble Car Museum, which is just outside Boston. I ate the chocolate bars.

    1. So it was you. I suppose you drove the last bubble car to the museum as well?


    2. No, but I was sorely tempted to slip one into my pocket when we visited.


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