Thursday, 10 January 2019

You know you are loved when...

you come down to get your toast and see a small aspirin on your plate.  A gentle reminder not to forget to take it.

Tea is delivered to you in bed
every morning.

He buys you a teddy as all these years and moves later, you pine the loss of your squashed face teddy you had as a child.

You are out for the day with the car.  He climbs on the bus to Folkestone to buy you this for Christmas.

The house reverberates with your
 ghastly singing and 
chi hiking about, he takes not one jot of notice.  He who can sing!

You fidget and can’t sit still, him as still as the grave doesn’t appear to be irritated.  If it was the other way round, boy would I get cross!

Being arty-farty and away with some madcap scheme or another, he   
humours you and in his straight and honest ex-copper way wonders?

He promised me faithfully we wouldn’t have another dog when my much loved companion died. I was distraught and felt another dog would never fill the huge hole in my heart.  Now the need is growing and he stands before me resolute in his solemn promise. 
Although I can see a minuscule chink appearing!
When we move... maybe?  
Those are my words not his. 


  1. You are a very lucky woman to have this man ! Keep on about the dog ! It took me several months to persuade my P that I needed my first dog and he gave in eventually ! He is much more besotted than I am with dog No 2 ! If only he was as nice to me as he is to the dog........

    1. I’ve kissed a few frogs to get to this particular prince Frances. Well worth the wait!


  2. This made me cry
    Long and hard

    1. That was the last thing I would want for you John... to cry after all the tears shed by you this last year.

      As I said to Frances I’ve saved the best until last. We are such different people him decent, honest and true, me just a daft tart.

      Reading your blog over the years, you are that person, loyal, loving and giving and there will be someone who will love you warts and all. If I’ve managed it, I’m blooming sure you can.


  3. You are a lucky lady. He's a keeper. x

  4. You are cherished. And so is your copper.

    1. If we had met years ago, he often says he would have nicked me on some demo or other!


  5. Replies
    1. Yes, but I’m sure he feels exactly the same, judging by the gift. Lucky pair, treasure one another x


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