Monday, 4 February 2019

On a do nothing...

but wait type of a miserable wet day, a parcel arrived.

Our faith in the kindness of the human race was restored.
Joanne, thank you.

No news on the house front, I
 didn’t realise how much patience I actually possess.  In the meantime I nibble which isn’t ideal however  needs must when the devil drives.
This particular devil in Ludlow is in the form of a woman with a chariot with knives on the wheels...


  1. candle makes romantic feeling .
    well written post

    # I follow you

  2. I do hope you dry dishes with it. It likes to work for a living. As for the big transaction, breath deeply and slowly.

    1. Dry dishes? They are far too good for such a humble occupation, my VIP guests can use them to dry their hands when they visit the bathroom.



I’ll be blowed if...

I am going to let some bugs, flour and water get the better of me! This is the state of play this morning. If you peer close enough...