Friday, 31 May 2019

A day in...

the life of the Wrenery.

Has anyone an idea as to what this pretty little interloper is.
I simply adore plants that turn up: don’t they just know what conditions suit them far more than these supposedly superior 
human beings?


  1. Love the ferns and ivy on those walls. Beautiful no wonder why you wanted to move there.
    Think your mystery is a White Campion

  2. I have no idea. I might call it a weed, as they are the most opportunistic of all!

  3. What a lovely space that is! I agree with white campion.
    ( that is the 2nd time I have seen " anonymous" re old women are stupid this morning. Makes a change from Mumbai escorts I suppose! ).
    Have a lovely weekend in the sun.

  4. Yes I'd say campion too, I think it's common name is soapwort

  5. yes, plants know their own need

  6. I absolutely Adore Stone Walls!


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