Saturday, 23 May 2020

Laugh, I never thought...

my drawers would dry!
Two nights in a row I have laughed  fit to bust.  Last night it was a close run thing to get to the loo before I was in sore need of Miss Tena to ride to the rescue!?!
Yes, really!
I know, I know too much information.

‘The soup tonight is white vegetable!’

They looked at the waitress, she looked at them, the silence hung in the air, as I sat up smart-ish exploding into gales of laughter in anticipation of just what was coming next.
The silence grew...

‘What exactly is in white vegetable soup?’ scratching their heads they not unreasonably enquired.

Husband looked across at me as I said...
‘White vegetable soup?’
between gales of laughter.

The waitress in the restaurant had not a clue.
‘Err, potatoes!’ (a good start)

I shouted at the television as she stuttered on thinking winging it was good idea!?!
As she weakly said 
My sides were aching.
‘Maybe I should go and find out!’ she said.
‘White vegetable soup!’
I cried out again, in such a state the husband had to stop the recording.
‘Who in their right mind makes white vegetable soup?’
Even if it turns out white call it something more exciting than white vegetable soup.
Anaemia Veloute maybe?  Or maybe not?
Add some turmeric and call it golden vegetable soup, if a colour  is definitely required?

What a tonic it is to laugh uncontrollably, maybe that was why last night I suggested we record 
Gogglebox, neither of us ever having seen it before.

Well once again I was in gales of laughter and not so much by the things people were saying as the food, the drinks.  As I watched  in horrified fascination I had a ghastly thought of us the previous evening and what a snip that would have been of two old codgers.  Her rolling round not knowing what to hold, her sides or her... well we won’t go into that as she cried 
‘Stop it!’ as she rushed to the loo.

This lockdown is having a strange effect.  I must try and get out more... Oh yes, I’ve just remembered... I can’t!


  1. Good to laugh, even if it does have disastrous consequences!!

    1. Must confess I had forgotten how, it is such a delight to chuckle... so good for the soul!


  2. I suspect hysteria is setting in! We watch Gogglebox every week followed by The Last Leg and both are the best laugh we get all week. Just the horror of some of the Goggleboxers is enough to make us laugh! Laughing is good, unless of course you have to hold your whatsit, then just hope your running skills don't diminish! x

    1. Being such an inverted telly snob like wot I am is difficult I must confess. We watch everything on record, so we can spike it, if it doesn’t cut the intellectual mustard... Colman’s obv! Husband is far more of a telly addict than me, that won’t surprise you I am sure? Me, well I just like cosying down with a tome of Tolstoy or some classic MIlls and Boom Boom! The Last Leg hasn’t impinged on my psyche... I’m that much of a hussy... reminder to self ‘I must check out the TV listings on the Illustrated London News periodical!’ Never forget MG I am the woman who stuffs the Hello magazine behind the sofa and prominently displays the copies of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar on the coffee table at the mere whiff of a visitor...


  3. But, Richard and Patricia and what is his name?

    1. Sadly this time, I have not one clue what you are on about Joanne? Join the club I hear you cry, that is how we often feel reading your blog LL!


  4. I also thought that the picture was of the Nixon's!

    Come to think about it, I haven't laughed for a long time... but where to find a funny show these days?

    1. Thanks Moni, on closer inspection I think you’re right. I have said before I am not that quick on the uptake!

      Laughter to the magnitude I experienced the other evenings is worth the wet knicks!?!

      Hugs back, although not very PC, well at least not in real life... this life... absolutely fine!



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