Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I have a serious...

yen to be a bag lady!
Yes really, what better in this troubled world to pack your possessions in a red tartan shopping trolley and take off?
The moth holes in my cashmere would add a little glamour to my stylish attire.  My tiara won at the village fete topping off the rather dashing bohemian look.  Stout walking boots a must, with the occasional strappy sandal to compliment the tiara, when invited for a drinks party at the local park bench.
My plan has always been to walk the length and breadth of the UK calling off at the many and various towns, cities, villages, hamlets and homesteads that have been home to me in my previous life.
My skills as a cook will not be necessary as I scratch about in litter bins. At the end of the day in market towns I will plunder the discarded boxes of misshapen fruit and veg.  Hamster-like I will fill my cheeks, stashing any excess away in my home on wheels.
 No need to wash, personal hygiene taking a back seat, have you ever seen a fragrant tramp?  No, either have I!  
Oh the joys of the open road...

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