Thursday, 13 July 2017

Now don't hold it against...

I honestly don't think we should feed the birds, at least to the degree that so many folk do. 
Why?  Is it purely to help them on their quest for food, or as I suspect to delight ourselves by having them in the garden?
They are here anyway looking for their natural diet, not a surfeit of peanuts, fat balls and the like.
Is man once again meddling with the balance of nature for his own selfish ends?
This abundance of plenty is attracting the likes of crows, rooks, pigeons, magpies and jays, many of whom scour the hedgerows on the lookout for nests, eggs, baby birds and fledglings.
The gatecrashers of the party sit on the chimney pots swooping down on the unsuspecting young... a little fresh meat to add to the very welcome but otherwise boring daily offerings.

Me, I get my exercise by flying up the garden, for all the world looking like a demented crow with school bell in one hand, football rattle, hooter anything that comes to hand.  The garden birds take not a blind bit of notice 'Oh get her, that funny old bird is doing her daily exercises! What strange creatures these two legged flightless, featherless giants are?'
For my efforts, with all the added exertion my trousers threaten to fall from my now slimmer waist.  Added to which we now have a no-fly crow zone over our house.


  1. I agree with you entirely. The only thing I provide the birds in my garden is a bird bath and let them find their own food. They give me the best of shows every single day and fill my heart with joy.


  2. We are singing from the same song sheet Colette. I have bowls of rain water close to the house where gangs of sparrows, mobs of starlings, the full compliment of garden birds come to drink and bathe. And what a display they put on.


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