Friday, 21 July 2017

Now there's a thing...

Back in the day I used to buy clothes from our lovely village shop.
With never a care I treated myself.  How things have changed with the passage of time, finances and the state of the world.
Out of the blue I begun to feel out of step, suddenly indulgence wasn't the name of my particular game.  It felt so wrong.  My latest M.O. is to trawl the town's charity shops looking for my particular style of clothes.
Today I strolled in to find a crumpled linen top lying on the floor, unnoticed and unloved.  As I stooped to pick it up and replace it on the hanger I couldn't help but notice the label, old habits die hard!  On closer inspection I thought I had a top just like this, wonder whatever happened to it?  Same colour, I think, I haven't seen it recently? I'll try it on for old times sake... it fitted... I bought it!
Is it mine, I don't know?
So much of my life is now recycled...
I like to thing it is!  For the princely sum of £4.50 it's come the eight miles home.
And I hate to think how much I paid for it the first time round?

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