Sunday, 3 September 2017

The thing is...

drinks parties?  
Ask yourself, does anyone really enjoy them?
The effort of the hosts, the cost, the cleaning of the house.
Which nibbles to serve?

Just in from a 'welcome to our particular enclave of the village'
party for our chum's new neighbours.

Now don't get me wrong, I love meeting, feeding, chatting to the many and various folk that inhabit our planet.
Trouble for me is...
until the great British reserve is  mellowed by the sharing of food or maybe (?) wine... let's admit
it is boring.  Until we have chatted about the weather, the kids, holidays, 'You unpacked yet?', commuting even!  I do find all of the above mind-blowingly 
boring.  That is until suddenly the sweet spot is reached.  Don't get me wrong, not shibadeed, drunk, just merely mellow.
That is when you can really cut to the chase and enjoy.  The great British reserve is relaxed...
.Come on let's get serious here and talk...
In my book one of life's great pleasures... 
don't you agree?


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    1. With the increased use of social media will the art of conversation die I idly wonder?


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