Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Differences of living...

in a sleepy village
to life on the coast?

By the very nature of living at sea level it is flat, well at least along the prom.
Alright, I know I have lived on the north west coast of Scotland where the cliffs drop hundreds of feet into the sea.  Here the town of Hythe is a level walk from the front. I lived in a village classed as one of the highest in the county of Kent.
The first difference is we can easily walk anywhere and everywhere.  I have three supermarkets within walking distance, Waitrose,Sainsbury’s and Aldi.  Being such a retail snob I always cracked on about Waitrose and how much I loved to shop there.  I am now such a tart that I go to all three and horror of horrors, I am increasingly drawn 
to Aldi... I never thought I would ever admit this.  Me, who on one 
occasion told some friends who 
were cracking on about it... to
‘Put a sock in it!’  
How the mighty have fallen.

This afternoon I went for my new patient’s health check at the doctors, what a difference there is in a busy town practice.  The place was heaving.  Set in a modern building resembling a portacabin whereas the village practice was palatial in comparison. 
I went in with a note instead of coming out with a doctors note!  I needed to be sure I said the right words to get the message across. ‘Write it down to remind yourself of the right words,’ he said.
My problem is, I have no finesse, I do tend to say it like it is. 
Sometimes, well most times, if I’m honest, I do tend to open my mouth 
and put my foot in it.
I got what I wanted, saying the 
rehearsed words, all was well. 

Although I did forget myself and challenge one of the doctors
utterances! Oh dear!

There is still the major difference of living in a modern house facing the sea.  The sun comes in the front all day and hanging watercolours that won’t fade is a problem,
 especially as I have a fair few to hang.  Added to which blank, bare walls leave me feeling a little glum.
I can’t wait to get cracking on
my postage stamp,only good for wine drinking and watching the world go by, terrace garden. 
Which again will be a challenge getting the plants I love to grow
in the harsh salt laden air.
The back garden will also be an interesting one to crack, mainly the size, minuscule, protected, however no sun to ripen my usually hugely successful french beans 
grown in tubs.
An allotment might be the answer?

More to follow as I get to grips 
with my new life.

This I found on the walk into Folkestone yesterday... planted today.


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  2. I planted it yesterday, so only time will tell? Walking along the prom where the shingle had been thrown up and over, this was lying there lost and forlorn. I didn’t dig it up... honest! As if I would!?! LX

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  4. Thanks Angela, I have a way with words! Subtle I ain’t! LX


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