Monday, 29 January 2018

This was her...

and I missed her.
I didn’t push it,  because back in the day I was so sure that no other dog would come close.
Hopefully the family who have reserved her will give her a happy and loving home.

It does hurt though!


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  2. Funny thing ... I was just blogging the differences of living by the coast as to village life, when your comment came in. Watch this space! It is lovely to know someone reads what you write. I just enjoy it so much. The card game we play is double handed whist or rummy. We are content in our own funny little way. Oh the dog isn’t going to happen because my little dog died four years ago and I still miss her. That was when I said, don’t let me whinge and moan for another dog, as the pain of losing them is so hard to bear. I am trying to be strong. LX

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  4. I didn’t for one moment think you were. A lovely blog, I shall visit again soon. LX


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