Monday, 29 January 2018

14056 steps...

‘Let’s  walk to Folkestone...
I need some more of those non-slip hangers from Primark!
Where do I get these crazy ideas from?
Off we strode, luckily with the wind behind us.
We got there in one and a half hours making our mph just under three.  Good going for a pair of old codgers.
‘I will buy you lunch with the money saved on petrol!’ he said.

So a pickled egg in a bag of salt and vinegar crisps?
Last of the big spenders!

Folkestone is such a happening place now, the ageing hippy in me felt happy as we trogged up the Old High Street.  Being a Monday and out of season, he was safe, his flexible friend, if you’ll pardon the expression, stayed safely stowed away in his pocket!
We found a superb Italian restaurant serving a plate of pasta for a fiver, had two drinks 
each and were very happy travellers as we climbed up the stairs in the bus to bring us home to Hythe.

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