Sunday, 28 January 2018

I just knew it...

would happen!
I just didn’t know when?
It was today!
And I made him promise me faithfully he wouldn’t give in to my pleas... why did I do that?
If only I hadn’t opened my big mouth to extract the commitment from him?
I must confess I surprised myself that my resolve has weakened.  It is this bloody internet that makes it so easy.
Four years it has been and I was okay until yesterday when into the charity shop walked a lady with son and wonderful lurcher in tow.
We got into conversation like you do when selling raffle tickets.
She told me the dog was a rescue and that was when my wall of resolve came tumbling down.
I do so want a dog in my life.
I’ve seen the one, I’ve shown him the picture, I have had a little gentle plead, but no he is not negotiable. 
Would he have been this strong if I hadn’t been so clear about him not giving in to me,
I idly wonder?
I wanted to post the photo of the dog, but I want it so badly I think you will go and bag it before I have had time to weave my 


This isn’t it!

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