Sunday, 28 January 2018

I get bored...

easily.  I’m not proud of the fact, it is just me!
As a consequence, best not to expect me to visit every third Thursday in the month.
In short after a couple of months I would be bored out of my tree.
I much prefer and find it far more meaningful to keep any arrangements fluid.
Today was a case in point, the thought of trolling up to our local boozer for cards and crisps has already this early in our time in Hythe lost its appeal.  I do still love the ambiance, the people... but time to move on.
This morning we had been busy pottering and decided to go shopping.  A weekly shop is now a thing of the past here, as we can so effortlessly walk to all supermarkets, so we tend to shop as we go.
My brain is taking a while to catch up with not planning the weeks’s meals on the hoof as I shop. Most days we walk into town, a whole different way of life.
Our cars sit strangely idle as we pound the prom.

We set off to try
another bar in the High Street recommended by our electrician.
Four real beers, four ciders and four wines... Simple.

Unpretentious: real folk enjoying real beer... what better?

A fabulous Sunday lunchtime pint for himself and a glass of wine for me.

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