Saturday, 27 January 2018

A taste of...

my day in Hythe.
I love to volunteer, over the years I have worked for CAB, Samaritans, Air Ambulance, Hospice, 
High Kent, WRVS,
the list goes on.
Some might say I’m a tart, touting my wares!?!  And I ought to say, they would in part, be right.
However why wouldn’t I harness my
enthusiasm and happy go lucky character in order to be of some small help to others?
My idea was to gently, gently, catch a monkey and not in my usual way rush in and get 26 (slight exaggeration!) things to do.
However, I did think an easy start was to offer to volunteer in our local hospice shop, never having worked in a charity shop before. On only my first day, I offered to go in the following day to sell the tickets to win a wonderful hamper.  If I say it myself, I am good at selling raffle tickets. 
 My finest hour, or should say hours were selling tickets for a Mini for Air Ambulance,  A fiver a pop I thought would be a hard sell... not so!  Added to which, a great prize for a fabulous charity... easy-peasy!  Loved it!
This morning I was out of bed like a long dog and off to ‘work’.
I said I will do a couple of hours, then be off home.
Four hours later...

If you believe in what you are selling, secure in the knowledge that the hospice movement is crucial to so many lives,
what better way to spend a Saturday?

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