Friday, 26 January 2018

If you think about...

it nothing stays the same?
Tonight after a full-on day, the man and I decided to go to our local pub.  Two games of cards, two drinks and we were ready to go.  I fancied fish, himself, the best home made pub pies. We went first to the fish and chip shop... No!  Then off to the pub that makes its own pies... Oh dear in the two weeks since our last visit it had changed hands.  The pies are no longer the glorious home- made not your standard factory produced pies.

I cook that is what I did for a living, trouble is I don’t want to do it every flaming day!  A treat for me is to go out for good honest pub grub, nowt fancy, just let someone else do the cooking.
Not a lot to ask... is it?
Disappointed I had another glass of wine and and ordered the pies on offer.  We trolled back home along the prom, all the while thinking... ‘Why can’t the good things in life stay the same?’

I suppose it’s the
 buggeration factor?

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