Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My lucky duster is...

the vital ingredient for me to play well.
This late in the day I have found a sport that I not only enjoy but surprisingly am okay at playing.
Nobody is more chuffed than me?
The game in question is p├ętanque.
It came about by the man inviting me to have a go at playing, secure in the knowledge I just couldn’t throw anything straight.
‘You see that little coloured ball just throw that down the piste and try to get your boules as near as possible!’
‘What like this?’ 
I replied wanging one down to sit cheek by jowl on the coche.
We played for the whole holiday, with me winning every game.
Himself wouldn’t have minded so much if the piste hadn’t been smack in front of the bar.

Is it any wonder on our return
home that I was keen to join a club?  Would I have been so interested if I hadn’t been as good... I think not!

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