Friday, 19 January 2018

The thing is...

folk talk to me... why?
I have no idea, they always have and I suppose they always will?
It is certainly not a problem, well to be exact it is becoming a problem because due to me becoming increasing deaf I can’t always hear!
Tonight in our local was a case in point, on a Friday night we go up for ‘early doors’ about five-ish.
We have a couple of drinks and play cards, happy in our own little world.
Tonight when we got there, a young guy was sat at a table alone, drinking what look like coke and looking intently at his phone.
We got our drinks and started to play our usual game.  After a while he turned and asked what we were playing, husband explained, the chap asked if he could join us.
And this is where I get decidedly uncomfortable as himself politely and gently said no.
The young guy took it graciously:
we played on, all the while me feeling a complete and utter 
My heart went out for him.

We had another drink... while himself was at the bar the guy said that he had been waiting for a friend since four o clock.

‘A girlfriend?’

‘I wouldn’t mind if I’d been stood up by a girl!’

‘Have you tried phoning to see where he is?’ 
I pathetically inquired.

‘Yes, the phone is switched off!’

All of this conversation was conducted by me who can’t hear that well and a guy who is obviously far from well.

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