Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Oh dear, today...

I went to a chiropodist.
My first visit, is this the direction my life will take now we have done what so many old duffers  have done before us...
move to the coast and vegetate?

What next?
I’ve got the shopping trolley - tick.
I’ve spent enough money on my teeth to buy a small terraced house - tick.
I saw the light when one day I thought to myself why are you paying for highlights/lowlights to hide the grey, when nature is giving you them for free?
I am now silver and proud.  Alright some times I catch a glimpse of me as I pass a shop window and wonder who is this old lass?  The awful truth dawns as I scuttle away.
I have absolutely nothing to grumble about...
I am fit and well, that at the end 
of the day is all that really matters.
Before you know it I will be planting ruddy dahlias

That isn’t me, in case you’re wondering?


  1. A little comment to say 'hello' ... I have ventured back into Blogland. Good to read your posts and I can actually hear you, as I read them XXX

  2. Welcome back, you have been sadly missed Viv! Funny thing is, a lot of folk say they can hear me speak when they read my words... wonder why?



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