Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A man jumped...

out of a helicopter and as he attempted to pull the rip cord on his parachute it failed to work.
Plummeting to earth he met a guy going the other way.
‘Do you know anything about parachutes?’ he said.
‘No!  Do you know anything about gas cookers?’
Sad to say this is the only joke I know and the telling of it by me causes great hilarity.  Even in a London restaurant a guy on the next table said
‘I’ll have what she’s having!’
I just can’t tell it without having the greatest difficulty getting it out, as it were!  It for some unknown reason really tickles me.  
What’s this got to do with the price of cheese in Woolworths I hear you thinking?
My trip to the doctors yesterday!
My blood pressure has shot up and my weight is going down.  Both reasons are easily explained away.  
Coming from a village practice to 
a town surgery the wait to see the nurse was a long time.  55 minutes as opposed to 10 tops before.  As a consequence I could feel the old pressure rising.  Chuntering away to myself ‘I don’t need to be here!’ I sat and stewed, don’t get me wrong I did understand that someone needed the nurse’s care a helluva lot more than me.  By the time it was my turn I knew exactly the result and it was!  I am now going back for blood tests again next week... bugger!   New patient check-up eat your heart out!
The drop in weight is obvious, we are walking everywhere so that is easily explained.  As I ought to 
admit is the rise in my bp,
 which is due in no small part to the hectic pace of moving; soul-
searching as to whether we have done the right thing?  Unpacking 
and organising our treasures, entertaining visitors who obviously want to see our new home 
by the sea.  By my own admission I’m like a fart in a colander looking for a hole to get out... 
Busy, busy, busy!

 Hardly ideal for the maintenance of low blood pressure?

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